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Slate Roofs

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Slate Roofing

Natural slate is a traditional building material, with a heritage that dates back to Roman times. It offers aesthetic appeal and durability.

Natural slate can become a major factor in a building’s whole life costs, which is important since environmental issues are moving to the forefront in all areas of construction. The other big plus to natural slate is that it is sustainable, and can be salvaged and re-used. Natural slate, tested to BS EN 12326 Part I and meeting the highest relevant ratings will be unaffected by normal extremes of temperature, and highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

Man-made products on the other hand are more liable to discolouration by acid rainfall and the growth of lichens although surface coatings can delay this process. Natural slate often respects the traditional roofs where it is used and, as a natural product, features variations in colours, sizes and textures. This is important in conservation areas, where slate must match existing roofing materials on surrounding buildings.